Cherry - Foundation Class

Welcome to Cherry Class

This term's theme is "Once upon a time". By reading and discussing traditional tales, we hope to inspire a love of books that will last not just through school but through life. The simple themes and moralistic lessons will prove invaluble to the children as they learn and grow. Most of our chidren will be familar with the tales which maks this a perfect starting point for their adventures in literature.

Once upon a time, there was a book ...

Sharing a story with Mr Stokes

  We were visited by the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and helped him write his shopping list.

Printing our very own Little Red Hens

The children have learned about Harvest through the stories "Little Red Hen" and "Rosie's Walk".

Five Rosy Apples beautifully sung by Cherry Class

"Five Rosy Apples on an Apple Tree" is a song created by the children and performed at the School Harvest Festival.

Inside our "Hedgehog Hideaway!"

To help us learn about our value this term of "Friendship" we shared the  "The Very Helpful Friend" which then resulted in an invasion of hedgehogs in the classroom (created by the children). The children then worked together to create a "Hedgehog Hideaway" in the corner of the classroom.

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