Oak Class - Years 3 & 4

This term, our topic is called 'It's All Greek to Me' and is about the Ancient Greek civilisation. 

We will:

-  Know where and when the Ancient Greek civilisation existed and order events on a timeline.

- Learn about the Greek Empire, how it was established, maintained and its decline.

- Recognise Europe and its borders using atlases – be able to locate modern Greece on a map.

- Contrast the geography of modern and Ancient Greece.

- Research and describe an important Ancient Greek artefact.

- Creating Ancient Greek comedy and Tradegy masks

- Building structures out of paper, in the style of the Parthenon.


This term, we will also be creating our own eBooks on the iPads and learning how to stay safe online, both during our Computing lessons and outside of school, too. 


Our spellings and times tables tests will continue each Friday. Spellings are given out on fridays and tested the following Friday.